What is our perception of the world around us? What do we experience as reality? And how does man relate to himself and to his surroundings?

In my paintings I am looking for interaction between realistic fragments and blurred or unfinished parts. I want to immerse you in a story full of details, but in the end you realize you actually know very little. 

Inspired by feelings of distance, emptiness, displacement, confusion and vulnerability, this line of thought initially focussed on the intimate settings of which I was part. Fascinated by the contrast between external events and the inner perception. You are taken into experiences and at the same time you are the observer who only has access to his own mind. Over time the focus has partly shifted to anonymity, fueled by aspects as automation, individualism and haste.


> January – June 2012: UCLM, Facultad de Bellas Artes – Cuenca (Spain)

> September 2009 – July 2013: ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Fine Art – Arnhem

> September 2003 – July 2009: Trevianum, gymnasium – Sittard


> Februari – Maart 2023: Stellicher Advocaten & Hekkelman Notarissen, Arnhem (Solo exhibition)

> April 2019: ‘Lindenberg’ Huis voor de Kunsten, Nijmegen (Solo exhibition)

> February 2018: Cafe Caspar, Arnhem (Solo exhibition)

> August 2017: Cafe Meijers, Arnhem (Solo exhibition)

> September 2016 – ‘Grand opening’, Galerie PauletteBos & ChrisArt – The Hague (Group exhibition)

> June 2016: Cafe Caspar, Arnhem (Solo exhibition) April 2016 – Present: Galerie PauletteBos, The Hague (Group exhibition)

> 21 January – 11 March 2016: Galerie Bart, Nijmegen (Group exhibition)

> May – August 2015: WAAR, Arnhem (Solo exhibition)

> January 15 – February 26, 2015: Galerie Halte de Engel, town hall of De Steeg (municipality of Rheden) (Duo exhibition)

> 26 May – End of July 2014: Petite Galerie, Apeldoorn (Solo exhibition)

> December 2013 – February 2014: ‘Ongrijpbaar’, Cultuur op de Campus, Radboud University – Nijmegen (Group exhibition)

> October – December 2013: ‘Nieuwe Oogst’, Galerie Bart – Nijmegen (Group exhibition) 

> October 2013: ‘Moderne Portretten’, Silogie de Malerij – Epe (Group exhibition)

> September, October 2013: ‘Menzis Jong Talent’ – Wageningen (Group exhibition)

> August 2013: ‘Best of Graduates 2013’, Galerie Ron Mandos – Amsterdam (Group exhibition)

> July 2013: ‘Fixed Boundaries’, Graduation exhibition Fine Art – Arnhem (Group exhibition)

Media and Publications

> 2016: “Made in Arnhem”, NAK # 12

> December 13, 2014 in TV program ‘Sterren op het Doek’ of broadcaster MAX with guest Humberto Tan

> 2013: Cultuur op de Campus magazine (Dec 2013 – Jan 2014)

> 2013: “Oogst 2013″ exhibition catalog, Galerie Bart

> 2013: “Ron Mandos; Best of Graduates “, Lost Painters

> 2013: “Eindexamen Expositie; ArtEZ Arnhem”, Lost Painters

> 2013: “Fixed Boundaries”, Graduation Catalog 

Awards and Nominations

> Selected for the second round of the Royal Prize for Painting 2016

> Nominated for the Buning Brongers Prize 2014, Buning Brongers Foundation

> Nominated for Menzis Young Talent Prize 2013

> Winner of the Public Award of the Best of Graduates 2013, Ron Mandos Gallery

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